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Dr. Mohamed has a firm belief that health is not linear but dynamic with many facets. Having battled vertigo for years, she realized that health is not about the physical body only, but a very integral part is the mind, body and spiritual connection and what we feed our subconscious. Additionally, the intention of treatment and energy delivered to the patient is an integral part of the healing process.

Dr.Mohamed believes in micro steps that are manageable for the patient, but ultimately takes them to optimal health. She is keen and willing to help with any ailments. Her passions include IV Nutrient Therapy, Iron Infusions, Vestibular Disorders such as Vertigo, Mental Health Support, Weight Loss Support and Food Sensitivity Testing, to name a few. To Dr.Mohamed, irrespective of whatever condition the patient has, the answer is balancing the body to heal optimally!

An integral part of Dr. Mohamed’s practice and her extreme passion is IV Nutrient Therapy and the Zone Technique. Dr. Mohamed worked as an IV Doctor for multiple years and was part of a project that launched to teach IV nutrient therapy to practitioner in Canada.

Academic Profile:
1) Graduate of SFU: Bachelor of Health Science degree
2) Graduate of BINM: Diploma of Naturopathic Medicine

Licensed in:
1) Naturopathic Medicine
2) Prescribing Rights
3) Zone Technique
4) Visual Homeopathy
5) IV Therapy

Member in good standing with:
1) CNPBC (College of Naturopathic Physicians of BC)
2) BCNA (BC Naturopathic Association)